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Little Cayman 2012


March 17-24 (7-day stay)
March 13-23 (10-day stay)

The water is delightfully warm. Visibility is 150 feet plus. You just swam past a barrel sponge so large you could hide inside it. This sounds like a dream dive, but if you're in the Cayman Islands, it's actually pretty typical.

Cayman offers some of the most spectacular wall and wreck dives in the Caribbean. Come with FantaSea Scuba and explore the absolutely incredible beauty of diving off Little Cayman, truly world-class wall diving at it’s best!

Regarded as one of the premier diving destinations in the world, and for good reason. Little Cayman has consistently been ranked as having the Caribbean's Best Wall Diving, Fish life, Visibility, Healthiest Marine Environment, Dive Operation, Resort, Destination... (that's a lot of "Bests!"). It is an assurance of the quality of the diving and the services offered. From Phillipe Cousteau to David Doubliet, just about every diver has stated that Little Cayman is one of the world's premier dive destinations with pristine quality, excellent visibility, and incredible diving.

Little Cayman's tropical setting makes for spectacular conditions both below and above the surface. Stay a week with us exploring the most fascinating diving the Cayman Islands have to offer. The hallmark of Little Cayman is the magnificent walls forested with a profusion of plants and animals of every color and description. We'll dive signature sites such as Jackson Point, Bus Stop, Three Fathom Wall, Mary's Cut, Randy's Gazebo, and soar through vertical chimneys and canyons of glorious Bloody Bay Wall. Bloody Bay Wall, off the north shore is Little Cayman's most famous stretch of diving. You'll find a variety of encrusting sponges with color-correct names including Yellow Tube, Strawberry, Orange Vase, and long, spindly scarlet rope sponges.

Divers of all experience levels will enjoy the warm turquoise blue waters of the Carribean. There's simply so much to see, the reefs and walls are teeming with and amazing variety of life! From plump grouper, stately tarpon, and graceful rays cruising the walls, to delicate sea horses, expansive gorgonians, and various hard corals populating the shallow reefs. Parrotfish, barracuda, jacks, angelfish and snapper, turtles, dolphin, sharks, and graceful Eagle Rays join the residents of this healthy environment. The large animals may distract you from the delicate, macro critters such as cleaner shrimp, nudibranches, sea horses and comical yellow-headed jawfish.