Scuba Diving for Scouts

The Scuba Diving Merit Badge opens the door to a new and exciting world for scouts. In addition to reenforcing basic skills needed for advancement on-land, scuba diving offers scouts the opportunity to the world underwater (and its wildlife, geology, and history), unavailable to all but those who have a means to breathe underwater.

After everything, scouts leave dives with the story of a new and unique experience that helped further-develop personal confidence and responsibility. In this, scuba diving is not just valuable to scouts; we believe it is also valuable to scouting.

Diver underwater with fish in cozumel

Photo Courtesy: Frank Wei

We offer courses that acquaint scouts with scuba diving and provide an opportunity to complete requirements for rank advancement. We also have a merit badge counselor on-staff who is registered with (and approved by) the Boy Scouts of America sign scouts off upon completion of coursework.

Literature from the Boy Scouts will provide more information on their programs (and the requirements for each program).

For more information on courses we offer, please feel free to follow the links given below or to contact us.

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Discover Scuba

Discover Scuba is an introductory course, designed to expose students to the basic mechanics (such as buoyancy control and venting a flooded mask and regulator) involved in scuba diving and the experience of breathing underwater. Students will don a scuba set, breathe through a regulator, descend to the bottom of the pool, and return (ascend) to the surface.

Discover Scuba can be completed in one afternoon.

Learn more about the Discover Scuba course, including upcoming class dates.

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Scuba BSA

Diver underwater in Little Cayman

Photo Courtesy: Dave Olson

Scuba BSA is a patch awarded by the Boy Scouts of America for the completion of requirements outlined in the Boy Scouts' Scuba BSA booklet. Scouts will perform various actions related to safe diving, including execution of a pre-dive safety drill, the giant stride entry, and establishment of neutral buoyancy.

Scuba BSA is not a scuba diving certification.

See our introduction to Scuba BSA.

Learn more about the Boy Scouts' requirements for Scuba BSA.

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Scuba Diving Merit Badge/ Open Water Diver Certification

Obtaining certification as an Open Water Diver is a central requirement for earning the Scuba Diving Merit Badge.

Open Water Diver is the most-basic level of recreational scuba diving certification. In this course, divers learn skills and strategies used to dive safely. Students will assemble a scuba set (attach regulators to a diving cylinder), descend and surface, control buoyancy, navigate underwater, and learn how to plan no-decompression dives.

Open Water Diver certification follows completion of a two-part course: instruction and confined-water dives (Open Water Diver, Part I) and open-water dives (Open Water Diver, Part II).

Learn more about Open Water Diver certification, including upcoming class dates.

Learn more about the Boy Scouts' requirements for the Scuba Diving Merit Badge.

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PADI eLearning

PADI eLearning Logo

PADI eLearning is a Web-based learning service (administered by PADI) that covers the instructional portion of various PADI courses, including Open Water Diver, Part I. Students complete coursework on their schedule on their time, at any computer with an Internet connection. This is great for scouts with busy schedules.

To learn more about PADI eLearning, follow this link.

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Meet the Counselor

FantaSea staff member

Mike West (pictured), a registered Boy Scout merit badge counselor, is a certified PADI dive instructor.

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For more information on courses we offer, please feel free to follow the links given above or to contact us.

Divers in the water.