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Owning the right equipment can make scuba diving more fun.

Enjoyment of scuba diving, like any outdoor recreational activity, goes hand-in-hand with having the right gear. A good comparison is camping: if anything can happen over the weekend outdoors, it's best to show-up prepared for anything. Camping, most people would rather not go without fire, tools, warm clothes, comfortable bedding, or shelter.

Scuba Diving Gear For Sale

Scuba diving is no different. The gear you bring will provide comfort, familiarity, and functionality--on the bottom, at the surface, and everywhere else. Nothing beats taking the giant's stride in a wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and fins that are comfortable, with a regulator, BC, second-stage, and gauges or a dive computer that you are familiar with, because you chose them, you know the features, and they belong to you.

We carry the products that make all of this possible, and our experienced staff will be able to assist you in determining which pieces of equipment will suit you (if you can excuse the pun) best and making your next dive even better.

We carry inventory from the following brands:

ScubaPro Uwatec Genesis Scuba Mares: Just add water
StahlSac UK Tusa Trident
Subgear Zeagle Cressi Sherwood

Trouble Finding Something? Maybe We Can Help!

We also have access to manufacturers' back-catalogs. So if there is something you are interested in that you are having difficulty finding, drop us a line, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Repair: The Right Set of Hands to Maintain your Lifeline

Our Repair Area

If you own your own scuba gear, one of the best things you can do for it is to have it serviced regularly. This ensures that everything is in good working order, increasing safety, and increases the lifetime of your equipment by ensuring any potential long-term damage is caught early.

FantaSea Scuba & Travel is the best dive shop in the Twin Cities metro area to bring your equipment to for regular servicing. Our Service Tech has 26 years of experience servicing scuba equipment from several different manufacturers and attends the Scubapro Tech Update as the new regulators come out. We are able to service all sorts of brand name equipment such as Scubapro, Genesis, Sherwood, Tusa, Mares, Cressi, and Zeagle

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Drop-Off Serivce (with Fast Turnaround) in Long Lake and Mayer for Customers in the Western and North-Western Metro

We realize that it can be a long drive to Burnsville from some places, especially places like:

  • Delano
  • Maple Plain
  • Long Lake
  • Maple Grove
  • Plymouth
  • Minnetonka
  • Wayzata
  • Excelsior
  • Chaska
  • Norwood Young America
  • Waconia

The drive shouldn't be a reason to forego scuba—or equipment repair. If for some reason the distance has been a reason not to visit us with equipment that is due for service, we now offer an alternative: drop-points for equipment service at locations in Long Lake and Mayer.

With drop-off we offer 24-hour turnaround service on tank refills (if you drop your tank off with us in the morning, you can pick it up from us the next day) and fast turnaround on other service.

Please contact us for further details.

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Rentals: Not Ready to Own? We have Loaners

Scuba Diving Equipment

We also provide rentals of scuba gear that we maintain in the store. For anybody new to the sport (or anybody just shy of outfitting themselves completely), this is a great opportunity to experience diving in gear that is well-looked-after.

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Gift Certificates Available

We also have gift certificates for sale, in a number of denominations. If you have a diver on your holiday gift list or with an upcoming birthday, a gift certificate from a dive shop is a great way to give the gift of diving.

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Use our pool for FREE!

All divers who have purchased full Scuba Packages from FantaSea have free use of our pool throughout the year! Yep! That's right, free pool time. Whether you need to check out your new gear purchase from us, refresh your skills, or simply just want to get wet and blow bubbles for an hour or so, FantaSea has you covered. Our pool is truly massive with its Olympic size, giving you a true feel of buoyancy control without feeling cramped. Just one of FantaSea Scuba's many ways we help to keep you involved in diving and snorkeling. Enjoy the rewards of choosing FantaSea for your gear needs. Remember, the pool is open, and free. Choosing FantaSea Scuba really pays off!

If you haven't yet purchased your scuba gear from us or know someone who is looking to do so, pass along this added benefit so they too can enjoy all that scuba diving has to offer through FantaSea Scuba & Travel in Burnsville, MN.

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