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"Be prepared" for underwater adventure!

Diver Underwater

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Scuba BSA is an elective program that allows scouts to experience the adventure of scuba diving and learn skills that will prepare them for subsequent dives. Scouts will learn how to maintain control of equipment (and their own movement) while underwater and demonstrate practices and procedures to maximize safety while diving.

Topics covered in the program include:

  • Identification and use of equipment, such as the mask, fins, and the buoyancy control device (BCD).
  • Identification of hazards associated with diving, as well as procedures for avoiding them.
  • Procedures for donning scuba equipment.
  • Pre-dive safety drill.
  • Giant stride entry.
  • Maintaining neutral buoyancy.
  • Procedures for adjusting and recovering equipment (e.g. clearing a partially-flooded mask or a flooded regulator) while underwater.
  • Reading the air pressure gauge while underwater.
  • Swimming underwater while maintaining control of direction and depth.

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An Exciting Way to Reenforce Skills

The Scuba BSA program reenforces skills scouts demonstrate in rank advancement, such as rationale for (and use of) the buddy system, care for equipment, and swimming skills. It also encourages scouts to develop personally by offering further challenges (nonverbal communication, knowledge of procedures, and understanding of physical properties of water such as pressure and buoyancy) that are natural to diving but which scouts are not likely find anywhere else.

Furthermore, diving promotes physical fitness and mental alertness, two components of the 'duty to self' element of the Scout Oath.

It's also a lot of fun--have we mentioned that at all yet? There's nothing like being underwater! And for scouts, there's nothing like a new adventure.

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Scuba BSA

Prerequisites: Successfully complete the BSA swimmer test. See the Boy Scouts of America's full requirements for Scuba BSA here.



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Scuba BSA is one of many courses we offer to scouts. We also offer Open Water Diver, which satisfies a requirement for the Scuba Diving Merit Badge. Learn more about courses we offer scouts.

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