Classes - Open Water Diver Certification

Diver removing wetsuit.

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Become a certified Open Water Diver!

Throughout the course, you'll learn fundamentals of scuba diving, including dive equipment and techniques. You will also earn a PADI Open Water Diver certification that is recognized worldwide. You earn this rating by completing five pool dives and knowledge development sessions and by making four open water (ocean or lake) dives.

Merit Badge Requirement

Successful completion of Open Water Diver Certification is a requirement for the Boy Scouts' Scuba Diving Merit Badge. We have a merit badge counselor on-staff (registered with and approved by the Boy Scouts of America), who can sign-off on merit badge requirements.

Open Water Diver Part I - Classroom and Pool

Prerequisites: Be 10 years or older (PADI eLearning requires a minimum age of 13 years due to international internet laws).

Dec. 12-13, 2015

Dec. 19-20, 2015

Jan. 19-10, 2016

Call to set-up additional dates for the winter and summer of 2016

PADI eLearning: Learn to dive anytime, anywhere!

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Open Water Diver Part II - Open Water Dives

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Open Water Diver, Part I.

Call to set-up dates for the summer of 2013 or do them in Bonaire with us in March 2013

Part 2 dives can be completed at any destination of your choice, world-wide with our universal PADI recognized referral - which shows you've completed all your academic and pool training and so no time is lost at your destination.

Destinations and class dates are subject to change. Please call for confirmation.

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Divers in the water.