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FantaSea has been in the business of teaching diving for more than 25 years! Let us help you get started today!

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Scuba Certification - Get Certified in Scuba Diving

There are several levels of certification in the PADI program. With each successive level of certification, you learn new skills and dive--literally--to depths you would not have before.

As a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center (IDC), FantaSea Scuba & Travel trains divers from beginning bubble makers to Instructor level. We offer the following levels of PADI dive certification:

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  • Open Water Diver is the most basic level of certification. Learn how to dive--learn how to use and care properly for equipment, control your buoyancy, and dive safely. With it, you can dive in open water (water not confined to a pool), to a depth 60 feet.
  • Advanced Open Water Diver is the next level of certification. With it, you can enroll in specialties like Wreck Diver and Deep Diver, dive to deeper depths (from 60-100 feet), develop your skills further, and prepare for further adventure.
  • Divemaster is the next level of certification. You will refine your watermanship skills and establish yourself as a leader in diving. With Divemaster you can act as an assistant to dive instructors, conduct Scuba Review classes. Divemaster certification is the next step on your way to becoming a professional scuba diver, and it is needed in order to enroll in Instructor training.

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Specialty Courses - Broaden your Training, Learn New Skills

Specialty courses provide an opportunity to focus on and develop a specific skill within diving. Learn any one of the following skills.

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New to Diving? Get your Feet Wet with Discover Scuba!

If you are new to scuba diving--if you have never dove before and you've always been interested in what it's like to breathe underwater, Discover Scuba is a great way to find out.

Discover Scuba is a scuba immersion class (if you'll excuse the pun)--it's a chance to learn how to breathe underwater, learn the basics about equipment, clear a flooded mask while underwater, and safely recover a lost mouthpiece.

Discover Scuba also a chance to experience, on an afternoon in the pool, how fun and exciting diving can be (that's our favorite part!). It feels just like flying--we'll show you how!

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Scuba Review is Available for the Once-Wet, Now-Dry

Has it been a while since you were last diving?

Anytime is a great time to start again. We offer "indoor" classes to help you recover your dive/rescue skills and build more confidence for dive travel. We also have Scuba Review classes that will get your diving skills in shape for those who haven't even breathed compressed air in a while!! The class is a half-day session.

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FantaSea Scuba is proud to be the exclusive National Geographic Dive Center in Minnesota.

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PADI recognizes FantaSea Scuba & Travel as a progressive dive operation that offers the best customer service, education, equipment selection and dive experiences. FantaSea's commitment to advancing a premium-level of adventure and environmental awareness in your education programs is exciting and commendable. FantaSea Scuba & Travel is cultivating an elite class of people who understand the importance and the impact they have on the ocean realm and what they can do to preserve it for future generations. In essence, FantaSea Scuba & Travel is creating ambassadors for the underwater world. Register for the coveted National Geographic Diver and Portal course with us today!

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eLearning is Here! Learn how to Dive at your Convenience!

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FantaSea Scuba & Travel is excited to offer a new Web-based education service, hosted by PADI. Learn to dive from any computer with an Internet connection (including the one at home), at times that are most convenient for you. Receive feedback from FantaSea's instructors, and take advantage of links to extra information.

eLearning offers course materials for the following classes:

Click here to learn more about eLearning, including how to enroll.

To sign into eLearning (if you have registered already) Click here.

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Dive with the Amazing Seals!

FantaSea, cooperating with the Amazing Seals adaptive scuba club, began teaching classes in early 2008 (Discover Scuba and Open Water Diver) to individuals with physical challenges that would otherwise exclude them from experiencing diving.

See this bulletin for more details.

See you in the water!

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